Who We Are

As a Responsive, Experienced and Global Event Tech provider, we have the tools, best practices and exceptional service to give attendees an experience that’s as unique as your conference, festival, trade show or exhibition.

EventLoop has numerous services for the event industry. We think outside the box and develop innovative products to excite your audience and make your event relevant now. From Mobile Apps, Near Field Communications (NFC)/RFID, QR-codes and more, our proven technologies are customizable, flexible and scalable to fit small, medium and large event requirements.

EventLoop’s solutions and platforms for event managers set us apart from the pack. Our services range from advance and onsite registration, lead retrieval, attendee engagement, integrations and security solutions. We tell our clients if it is technically possible we can do it. New ideas help us do so many things better. And many of these ideas can come from our clients. They propose a vision and after we talk to our technical team we execute upon these custom applications.

What’s more, our award winning technology, sustainable solutions and solid industry knowledge is trusted by shows ranging from 500 to 92,000 attendees and 20 to 1400 exhibiting companies.

EventLoop’s capabilities, innovations and 30+ years of experience delivers tangible value to events. By thinking differently and integrating advance, onsite and analytics solutions, EventLoop captures new opportunities and strategies while staying true to the event manager’s brand.


From 1983 To Now

From the beginning, in 1983, around the same time the Smiths were releasing their first single, “Hand in Glove”, we knew that registration was imperative for a successful event.

Fast forward to 2018, and we are still driven to provide our customers with a registration system that’s robust, reliable, easy to use and most importantly, frustration-free to the end user. At the heart of our business, we strive to design registration processes that adapt to each and every customer’s business.

Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval Choices

Yes, we offer, not 1 but 2 platforms for attendee tracking and for exhibitor lead capture. RFID, or QR Codes, and if you really wanted to, both!

Exhibitors’ primary goal: Collect and qualify leads. We understand this goal and have developed tools that are easy to use, and reliable.

We have options, whether your exhibitors prefer an app to download on their device (phone or tablet) or pre-loaded onto one of our phones.


Registration Event Solutions

Our goal and purpose is to provide registration event solutions that are responsive, reliable, with experience and expertise to all event, tradeshows and conferences globally. We will use our exponential experience and insight to provide a solution that is customized to each event’s requirements and needs.