Data security and wine in a can.





Data Security.  Thanks to the recent data breach from Cambridge Analytica and Facebook it’s on everyone’s mind–again (although for some of us, it’s always there).  Then, bring in the GDPR stuff and well, it’s enough to give someone panic attacks.

As a thoughtful Event professional, you are concerned for the attendee’s journey from their experience on your event’s website to the hotel, accommodations, to the food and the overall event experience.  As if that wasn’t enough, you must now worry about their personal data.

Whether it’s the information  they provide when they register to the session tracking and the mobile app they use, you have to be diligent, especially if you play a role in sourcing the event technologies for your meeting.

So, how do you become proficient in all this stuff?  Start with enlisting help from your organization’s IT team and get to know the measures needed to mitigate any risk.  Another suggestion, is to thoroughly vet your technology vendors to ensure their practices meet your standards.  And lastly, address your data privacy and security and disclose the privacy policy to your attendees (aka—the fine print).

Wine in a Can?!

Yes, seriously it does exist!  This wine-in-a-can phenomenon had it’s start in 2004 thanks to Francis Ford Coppola who debuted the Sofia Blanc de Blanc for his daughter (Sophia) as a gift.

In 2016, sales of canned wine were around $14.5 million.  Why this uptick?  Because millennials are good with drinking from cans that have large colorful graphics

Wine in the can may work for whites, bubblies and rose but not too sure about red.  Let’s get real, aside for red wine tasting delicious, isn’t the smell of a red wine part of the experience?  But hey, if you are up to trying a wine-in-a-can, especially now with the warm weather upon us, then below are the top contenders, per Pursuits:


1.  The Porch Pounder Chardonnay
2.  Jackhanmer Chardonnay
3.  West Side


1.  Underwood–The Bubbles
2.  Sofia Blanc de Blancs Mini
3.  Presto Sparkling Cuvee


  1. Underwood Rose
    2.  Porch Pounder


  1. Underwood Pinot Noir