Attendee Engagement

Attract and Engage

Event planners have so much stuff to do. Getting people to sign up. To process payments. To collect demographic information, personal information, and manage everything to get the attendees to the show, as well as, tracking the success in doing all of the above.

As a one stop resource, there are many ways we can help. One way is to provide you with tools to increase attendance. And, one such tool is the use of engagement solutions. We integrate with CRM, Marketing Automation, and Association Management Systems for targeted emails and registration reports.

Social Commitment

When you encourage personal connections between attendees, you have engaged your audience, your event and your brand. Each conference is an opportunity for dynamic connections between professionals, not just between presenters and attendees. Make it easy for individuals to get together.

From Gamification to connecting on social channels, we have the tools to excite your attendees, increase participation value for your sponsors and increase your event’s revenue.