Event Gamification for a Better Attendee Experience

According to EventMB,  53% of event professionals are struggling with securing sponsorship for events.

Gamification is a way to help generate a new revenue stream in the event industry. Beacons and location-based engagement are tools out there for event professionals that actually mean business.

Every Attendee Has the Means to Play

Gamification isn’t limited to technology, but it is among the most common and easy to use. It’s inexpensive because you can make use of your attendees’ smartphones through social media and apps. Using a mobile app is an effective way to keep your attendees focused on your event. Most attendees will be actively using their phones already, so why not put your event game right where much of the attendees’ attention is already going to be?

Gamification is a great way to create an environment that will encourage active participation.

Two of our gamification tools are

  1. Award attendees for booth and session attendance. Give prizes to those who reach the highest marks by using iSpy, the Selfie Game.
  2. Conduct a scavenger hunt, providing attendees with a list of items to find and post. EventLoop offers TEXT-2-WIN.
Gamification fosters interaction between attendees, event organizers, presenters and sponsors. Competition encourages participation, and everyone loves to win prizes. .