iSPY! The Selfie Game

iSpy! The Selfie Game Increases Attendee Engagement

Attendee Engagement is not new (recall the bingo game at trade shows from the 1990s). What is new is the delivery of the “engagement.” And, our game goes beyond engaging your audience. Our game is an interactive, competitive, captivating mobile app.

iSpy is a location-based gamification app that generates new revenue from sponsors and exhibitors and significantly increases attendee participation at your event. Engaged attendees become aware of exhibitors and sponsors, interact, and gain first hand exposure to exhibitor offerings. Give your attendees an event to remember and maximize sponsor and exhibitor revenue.

Gamification’s Value at Events

Attendee engagement motivates users to take certain actions or desired behaviors. Event Managers and participating sponsors and exhibitors can steer people to go to certain places in the exhibit hall and provide rewards to stay in the game. Emerging Participation Metrics are displayed in the Event Manager Console to provide deep insight into attendee behaviors.

Create New Revenue Streams from Sponsors and Exhibitors

Beacons and branded tokens are opportunities for sponsors to drive traffic to booths, VIP dinners and other high value conference areas. A point system provides a way to participate at different sponsor levels in the game. Motivated attendees visit exhibitors and sponsors, learn more and have meaningful conversations. The Event Manager Dashboard provides attendee analytics and push notifications. Streaming leaderboards delight you event goers and display competitive game moments in real-time. Create competition, excitement and buzz as players take selfies to score points and showcase how much engagement your event earns.

Beacon Technology Brings Your Event into the Future

Event Managers decide where to place the beacons according to where the players must capture tokens for points. Exhibitors receive value across key events at the conference. Attendees start interacting with sponsors and exhibitors as soon as they hit the tradeshow floor.  Technology captures a community of buyers of all ages who expect a mobile experience.

Exhibitors Generate Leads

Motivated attendees are rewarded to visit exhibitors, learn more and stay at the booth longer instead of just picking up another pen or toy. Exhibitors and Sponsors deliver more product information and demos to attendee players who may not have otherwise discovered their booth.

Marketing Beyond the Event

Fill the pipeline with meaningful conversations to pass to sales. Add engaged visitors to campaigns. Evaluate which sponsored locations are attracting the most traffic to make data driven decisions for next time.

Don’t Take Our Word For It.

“iSpy, the Selfie Game was a great addition at our National Conference. This was a way to motivate and engage new business partners to interact with our advisors, students and for that matter the public in general. Working with EventLoop is a rewarding experience because they always find ways to help and assist in the interaction.”

SkillsUSA Championships Program Director, David J. Worden