The Most Accurate Session and Event Verification Portable Scanning System

Tap-N-Go™ scanning system helps show organizers to quickly and instantly track attendee traffic, authenticate access to sessions/VIP events/banquets and subtract the appropriate event from each attendee’s badge allowing the client to collect accurate data for finance and marketing. Tap-N-Go is delivered via EventLoop’s award-winning radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that combines EventLoop’s All-In-the-Badge™ RFID name badges to eliminate the need for paper tickets and additional hardware. Tap-N-Go received the 2008 Innovation Award from Trade Show Executive Magazine and was featured in Expo Magazine. The Tap-N-Go is designed to streamline event tracking by providing a simple way to check and record attendee permissions and attendance for each event.

The stand alone Tap-N-Go units are battery operated and are placed outside the entrance to the room. Each attendee simply taps their badge on the Tap-N-Go screen that flashes a green light if they are authorized to enter the session or a red “X” if they are declined access. Once, an attendee has entered a session, the information is stored on the badge so it cannot be reused later by another attendee. There is also a counter to easily manage event availability for those on a waiting list or walk-ins. All of this information is collected and stored in the reader. The Tap-N-Go is programmable for multiple uses and ideal for onsite and offsite event tracking.

Service Benefits:

Tap-N-Go enables event and trade show managers to:

  • Improve security
  • Prevent badge re-use
  • Eliminate paper tickets
  • Enhance the attendee and exhibitor experience
  • Collect accurate data for analysis and reporting
  • Increase revenue with highly visible sponsorship opportunities
  • Reduce resources and save costs
  • Track costs