Exhibitor Scanners

Lead generation is one of the many reasons why your exhibitors exhibit. And either you or your exhibits manager has to worry of what solution to provide your exhibitors with: Lead retrieval systems, scanners, apps, etc.

With our solutions, we give you and your exhibitors options. Our Smart Lead Devices (SLD) allow exhibitors to capture the information stored within each attendee’s badge through either a simple scan or tap.

Scanned/collected data can be given to the exhibitor on a traditional USB or retrieved from our secure show-lead data vault at their leisure. The data can be imported into all commonly used CRM and sales force applications and we also keep backup of all data.  Our systems:

  • Integrate with RFID or QR codes.
  • Are hand-held battery-powered.
  • Provide lead qualifiers , sales rep codes, typed notes options.
  • Allow for immediate retrieval of leads at the close of a show, and throughout the show.
  • Collect data containing demographics captured for each attendee.
  • Work as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices or pre-loaded onto a hand-held device.