Online Registration

Designing A Unique Website

Our solutions for website development, real-time administrative dashboard are custom developed, streamlined and scalable with each show’s unique needs considered and addressed. Our expertise in CEU and CME tracking and multi-currency processing along with our API-integration capabilities sets us apart.

We collect the data so you can aggregate it how ever you see fit. This helps answer the questions, who attended the conference, what event/activity was the most popular, how many leads did your exhibitors collect and many more. Our capabilities, innovations and our 30+ years experience gives you the ability to design and implement an online and onsite registration system that benefits your event by streamlining the registration processes to fit your brand’s needs.

Dynamic Event Management

You provide all business logic, restrictions, logos, etc. and we take it from there. Each website is developed with client participation. A robust admin dashboard chock full of goodies (for edits, changes, reports, email campaigns) is standard. We link to various social media sites before and after the attendee completes the registration process, offer web analytics and all our websites are mobile-device friendly.

We have tons of experience integrating APIs and web-services and even communicating with 3rd party services. We can also encourage attendees to promote and further advertise the event on their social media platforms. We offer abandonment tracking so that if a potential registrant leaves the site before completing their registration or transaction, they receive an email prompting them to finish.