Supercharged QR-Codes

A blast from the past, QR-codes are currently the preferred choice for attendee badging and exhibitor lead retrieval.   And, in keeping up with our pioneering ways, we developed ours to hold more data.

We can produce this code on standard paper badges or use it along with our Beacons.

Powered by a high density QR-code, the NoHolder badge is a total solution for a multitude of uses at events.  QR-codes are web friendly, easy to generate and flexible. What a great way to provide a lot of information in such a small square barcode.


The No Holder Badge makes it easier for your security team. The badge is large with plenty of space for sponsorships, an optional attendee photo, a QR-code, and attendee credentials (name, title, organization, etc.). It is printed on both sides eliminating the annoying “badge flip”.   With a scan and the attendee’s picture, the session crashers do not have a chance.

Sponsorship Revenue Stream

Opens up new doors to drive revenue. The No Holder Badge Double Clip Neck Lanyards are a great source of advertisement and sponsorship revenue for any company and brand who wishes to promote as close to the attendee as it gets. That means happier sponsors, and more revenue in your pocket. Eco-friendly Color Graphics that helps your sponsors stand out.

Easy To Setup And Print

Unlike other versions, you can print directly from your laser printer!  You no longer need to send in artwork ahead time.  You no longer need to confirm and print the agenda ahead of time (and hoping it doesn’t change).   Our solution is dynamic and flexible given you control to design and (re)design the badge as you need or have to.