On Site

Seamless Onsite Solutions

This is where the foot meets the gas pedal! Whether you collaborate with multiple providers for the pre-engagement and registration processes, if the onsite isn’t seamless, efficient and quick, well you might as well pull out the sharpie and the hello my name is…

This is where Experience Matters! And, we’ve been in the trenches from no electricity on opening day to the registration area flooding. From a one laptop and printer combo to 3 different locations all wired through VPNs, Wi-Fi  and “old-school” ether net cables for real-time registration processing.

With full,  and concierge registration and self registration kiosks experience to covering registration and the entire attendee journey on 4 continents, we know what it takes to enhance the attendees’ experience and to greatly reduce the stress that comes from managing an event onsite and beyond.